Your Electronic Social Security Disability File | Sarasota County Social Security Disability Lawyer

Did you know the  Social Security Administration (SSA) used to have a paper file on your claim. In went your application and forms you filed out, medical records, your earnings record, vocational reports… reams and ream of paper.

What happens to paper? It gets lost… even if you handed it to the clerk at the front desk or even gave them a box of file materials, it still gets lost!

SSA has started using an electronic folder system. Your records and file are scanned so there is an electronic folder. We can’t yet access and look at your file but that is coming. The pilot program should start in June 2008.

Your social security  disability attorney will be able to look at your file on line when the claim is received at the hearing office,  a hearing has has been set and once a draft decision by the administrative law judge has been prepared.

Once it is scanned, no more paper to lose.

Electronic folders will help process your claim more quickly.

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