Your Social Security Claim is Toast Without the Support of Your Doctor | Clearwater Social Security Disability Attorney

Treating doctors have some strange ideas about the Social Security system and their role in helping you with your claim for Social Security benefits.

Doctors don’t learn about their role in helping their patients with Social Security claims in medical school. Most learn because their patients or the patient’s disability lawyer will ask the doctor to write a statement in support of the disability claim.

Unfortunately, some doctors will flat out refuse to write a letter. That leaves the patient with the choice of continuing to treat with a physician who they may like and who may be the best doctor to treat their condition, but who won’t help them with their Social Security Claim or finding a new doctor who will help with the Social Security Claim.

Other doctors will write a letter that says, “My patient is disabled.” The Social Security Administration (SSA) will ignore the letter because they, not your doctor, determines disability. What SSA want is a statement that outlines your current physical and/or psychiatric limitations and your functionality. What are your restrictions on lifting, bending, stooping, standing, walking? Do you need to alternate sitting or standing? How often would you be out of work per month? Do you have good days or bad days?

Better yet, your doctor should fill out a Physical or Mental Residual Functional Capacity Form. It is a check off the box type form and very easy to complete.

Functionality and not disability is the key to winning your Social Security Disability claim.

Most doctors don’t want to take the time to do a statement or fill out the Residual Functional Capacity forms (RFC) unless you pay them. The charge can be between $50.00 and $200.00 and well worth every penny, if the form is filled out properly.

We have a power point presentation we do for doctors who are interested in learning about their role in helping their patients with their Social Security Disability claims. We explain what medical benefits you are entitled to and how that will help the doctor keep you as a  patient. What a difference it makes in a doctor’s willingness to help with our Social Security Disability cases!

Ask your doctor to prepare a short statement or complete a form about your functionality. Without the support of your doctor, your Social Security Claim is toast! For more information, and for more help with your claim, click here or call 727-894-3188.

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